april, 2019

09apr20:00Lise de la Salle20:00 Entré: DKK 395 /students DKK 295 (including fees)


Eight years ago, the then 22-year-old Lise de la Salle visited us for the first time. At that time she was recognised as “a talent in a million’”(The Gramophone) and we were looking forward to meeting an unstoppable piano phenomenon. Her reputation as an extreme virtuoso but also uniquely unfolded musical personality has only grown since then and it is not too much to say that she has been walking up the road to stardom from child to adult without betraying the nickname she received from the French newspaper Nice -Matin: “Fairy of the Keys”

Lise de la Salle has called her programme “Paris” after her beloved hometown, and explains why: “All the programme’s composers have lived in Paris for shorter or longer periods, and the city has influenced their lives and music in different ways. Mozart spent some of his most important years in the city and had a love-hate relationship with France and Paris. Ravel studied at Fauré at Conservatoire de Paris and the two Chopin ballads were composed in Paris.”

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