Is the story of one man ‘s uncompromising ambition to create an alternative concert . A concert hall , where the musical life can unfold in perfect intimate setting that brings the music on their own. A concert that differs from other concert halls also serve as a multifunctional building where music is combined with and complemented by other events , thus bringing music to people’s everyday lives .

The old building was built in 1901 and was originally a barn buildings and the gate house for Hertz Bogtrykkeri where the design company VIPP today has its main headquarters . In the current concert hall stood the horses stabled while the cars were parked in what is today ‘s lobby .

Since then, the building has undergone many changes , and among other things, was built a garage in the extension of the original building which later housed a autolakervirksomhed and workshop Amar’kansk Auto. The old garage is now the concert hall Small hall , where guests can enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine during the break .

Architect pair Frank Maali and Gemma Lalanda have in restoration work led the building back to its original appearance , and has restored barn doors , now beautifully frames the glass sections toward the concert hall. The lobby is the original paving restored and created a fusion between the raw outdoor atmosphere and the warm , friendly hospitality with which the concert hall features . It all dramatized by the beautiful, red staircase that breaks the foyer simple appearance

From the foyer leads glass door that binds lobby and concert together into the vast musical space where acoustician January Voetmann has created a beautiful and spacious sound without altering the building’s original appearance. The beautiful gallery is added , and the major characteristic iron girders , which are the building backbone, have had their own lives, and integrates seamlessly into a concert hall expressions.

Below: Enjoy the photos from 2004.


Mogens Dahl is a Danish conductor, founder and owner of Mogens Dahl Concert Hall and conductor of Mogens Dahl Chamber.

Graduated 1983 as a conductor. Has taught at the Conservatory in Aarhus and Aalborg University. From 1991 he was choirmaster at the Danish National Opera.

He has also directed TV and radio productions and theatrical productions at Aarhus Theatre, The Other Opera, Staatstheater Kassel Opernhaus, the Funen Opera and Stockholm Opera among others.

In 2005, Mogens Dahl realized the dream of opening his own concert hall. It was the beginning of Mogens Dahl Concert Hall, operated as the sole private concert hall for classical music in Scandinavia. He also directs his own professional chamber choir.

Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir has established itself on the Danish scene with a series of CD releases and tours and concerts in Denmark and abroad, including an annual performance of Handel’s Messiah in Holmen’s Church in Copenhagen.

Mogens Dahl is also often active outside Denmark. Both on tours with his own professional choir and as a guest conductor in many contexts.


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